Why Latino and Latin American Studies?


The minor in Latino and Latin American studies provides students with detailed knowledge of the Latino experience in the United States as well as Latin American civilization, enriches the general educational experience of students, and offers several practical applications. It prepares future teachers to lecture in Latino and Latin American studies and provides them with knowledge of the cultural heritage of their Latino students. The minor also provides other future professionals with the knowledge to maximize their job performance in regions with Latino populations. Latino students enrolled in the minor also acquire a broader understanding of their history and culture. The eighteen semester hours required for the minor must come from at least two departments, with no more than twelve semester hours from one department. Students participating in the Latino/Latin American Studies minor may apply up to nine semester hours from their major toward the minor.

What do our students say?

"The Latino and Latin American Studies minor allowed me to better understand my cultural roots. Once I had a strong sense of self, I was able to branch out to other cultural groups and see how their histories and experiences were interconnected with Latin America." – Adam López, NIU Alumnus 

“I chose this minor for the opportunity to learn about the rich history of the Latinx culture but also to grant me the chance to connect to my Latinx roots. This minor will work well in conjunction with my major in Management with an emphasis in HR, because I will learn the skills necessary to lead as a role model that excels academically and professionally.” -Maria Aristeo Miranda, NIU Class of 2019

“This minor has opened up opportunities that I wouldn't have had without it, especially doing interviews for the Latinx Oral History Project. I am a Spanish major, so having this minor really helps to further educate me about the history, people, and cultures of Latin America.” -Vivian Meade, NIU Class of 2019

I chose the minor in Latino & Latin American studies to read articles and books written by Latino authors which would provide nuance and historical context to my political science major. This will benefit my career in the legal profession because the minor strengthen my critical thinking skills and improved my writing abilities. 
-Laura Vivaldo Cholula, NIU Class of 2018 and NIU Law School Class of 2021

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