Minor in Latino and Latin American Studies


Our interdisciplinary minor provides students with detailed information about the Latino experience in the United States as well as Latin American civilization. It benefits students interested in careers in teaching, public service, healthcare, law, business, the arts, the media and other fields. The minor also provides Latino students with a broader understanding of their own history and culture.

General Requirements

To qualify for the minor, students must complete eighteen semester hours of coursework. This consists of one of two core courses as well as five elective courses. All coursework in the minor must be taken for a letter grade (not pass\fail) and some elective courses have prerequisites or co-requisites. Consult the course descriptions in the undergraduate catalog before making your selections. Also note that students cannot receive credit simultaneously for the same course in both a major and a minor field.

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Individuals wishing to minor in Latino and Latin American Studies must make an appointment to plan a program of study. Students should enroll in one of the core courses as soon as possible and then proceed to take courses in several different disciplines. It is also recommended that students consult with center staff on a regular basis to assure completion of requirements in a timely fashion.

*At least six or more semester hours in the minor must be taken at NIU.

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