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Transportation Services


How to Obtain a Pool Vehicle

  1. Request for transportation should be made at least two (2) weeks in advance of the proposed trip to be reasonably sure of obtaining a vehicle.
  2. Complete the transportation request form, have it signed by your department head or other fiscal approver, and send it to Transportation Services. These forms can be obtained from Transportation Services at no charge.
  3. The Transportation dispatcher will retain one copy of this Transportation Request Form in a permanent transportation file.
    • The #1 copy will be returned to the applicant stating whether a vehicle is available on the date requested.
    • The applicant will be given copy #4 (trip ticket) of the original request at the time of pickup to complete when vehicle is returned.
  4. If the request has been approved, only the driver authorized on the request form will be permitted to pick up the vehicle at the Transportation Office at the time and date requested. More than one driver may be listed on the transportation request form at the time the request is submitted to Transportation for processing. Any listed driver may pick up the requested vehicle. A vehicle will be reassigned if not picked up within two hours of the assigned time, and late cancellation charges will be assessed.
  5. The Transportation dispatcher will assign a vehicle only to a person indicated on the original request form. If a substitute driver is necessary, a new request form will be required and all of the above procedures will be followed before a vehicle is issued.
  6. If there is more than one vehicle involved, a request form with the driver's signature will be required for each vehicle requested. No more than one vehicle will be assigned to any one driver. If multiple vehicles are requested, multiple drivers and requests are required.
  7. Before the vehicle is issued, the driver must present a valid driver's license to the Transportation dispatcher. Transportation Services may require the driver to obtain their Motor Vehicle Record from the Office of the Secretary of State and submit the Record to Transportation prior to travel due to insurance requirements.
  8. The Transportation dispatcher will verify the signature on the license with that on the request form. The dispatcher will then complete the request as required and issue keys for the assigned vehicle.
  9. Departments having permanently assigned vehicles will be responsible for determining that the person obtaining the vehicle has a valid driver's license. On an annual basis, departments with assigned vehicles will provide to Transportation Services a list of all potential drivers of said vehicles. This list will include each individual’s name, driver’s license number, and expiration date of the license. Failure to provide this information will result in the loss of university vehicle privileges for that individual and/or department. Transportation Services may review the driver’s record with the Office of the Secretary of State.
  10. If a university vehicle is not available, the applicant should request approval from the department head for travel funds necessary to use personal car.

NOTE: Students who are not employees requesting use of university vehicles should refer to information and policies for pool vehicles.


When you return a vehicle

  1. The vehicle should be returned on or before the hour indicated on your "Request for Transportation." Failure to do so may prevent a fellow faculty or staff member from using the vehicle and may result in late return charge.
  2. Complete copy #4 (trip ticket) of the original request, making sure the name is signed. Report on copy #4 of the original request any malfunction of the vehicle. For example: Windshield wipers do not work, or brakes grab or heater does not work.
  3. Leave the keys in the ignition and park vehicle at the gas pumps west of the garage when Transportation Services is open for business.
  4. If the transportation building is closed, place keys, in the Key Drop Box. Leave trip ticket and gasoline or service charge tickets on the front seat of the vehicle. The Key Drop Box is located on a light pole in the main parking lot, (Lot 25) across Stadium Drive, west of Transportation Services. Vehicles returned when Transportation is closed should be parked in this lot and should be locked.