Huskie Spotlight

I Younan An

I Younan An

Political Science major, Economics and Sociology minors

Liam Teague

Liam Teague

Professor of Music and Chair of Steelpan Studies

Diana Jarocki

Diana Jarocki

Communicative Disorders major

Emma Kuby

Emma Kuby

History Professor

Mitchell Huftalin

Mitchell Huftalin

Communication Studies / Spanish Business and Translation double major

Philippe Piot

Philippe Piot

Physics professor

More Spotlight Students

Fan Hu
Accountancy Major

Skyler Imhoff
Communication Studies major

Tomiloba Ogundipe
Management Information Systems graduate student

Kiley Niemeyer
Mechanical Engineering major

Ben Lee
Pre-Physical Therapy Emphasis Major

Kassandra Worden
Pre-Veterinary Medicine major

Rachel Gathman
Medical Laboratory Science major

Ari Norris
Studio Art - Sculpture major

Robert Bishop
Accountancy major

Mary Carter
Biomedical Engineering major

More Spotlights

Erica Vivaldo
Nonprofit and NGO Studies major and Family Social Services major

Abriana Willis
Dance major

Thomas Corbett
Mechanical Engineering major

Erin Hernandez
Political Science major, Spanish major

Olivia Elliot
Business Administration major

Pablo Valencia-Garcia
Athletic Training major

Skylar Alexeas
History major

Drew Donnally
Chemistry major, Marketing minor

Edgar Favela
Human Development and Family Sciences student

Megan Haduch
Speech Language Pathology graduate student

Sydney Johnson
Communication Studies and Nonprofit and NGO Studies majors

Josh Helsper
Mechanical Engineering major

Cristal Medina
Nutrition and Dietetics graduate student

Lee Bell
Physical Education major

Rachel Bicksler
Elementary Education major

Stephen Samuels
Second-Year Law Student

Heriberto Ponce
Master of Fine Arts student

Zeinab Saab
Master of Fine Arts student

Rachel Jacob
History and Political Science major

Diana Garcia
Nutrition and Dietetics major

Lenard Simpson
Jazz Studies major

Sandra Gallant-Jones
College of Law student

Glennita Williams
Political Science major

Luis Hernandez
Kinesiology, Exercise Physiology graduate student

Helen Spader
Foreign Languages and Literatures graduate

Kamila Krupiarz
Mechanical Engineering graduate

Parrys Jones
Technology major

Miranda Hernandez
College of Law graduate

Jenna Bujarski
Communication graduate

Chenfang Su
Finance major

Tyler Hayes
Kinesiology major

Adam Pope
Anthropology major

Jessica Christofersen
Journalism major

Tamir Hargana
World Music graduate student

Spencer Janis
Psychology and Mathematics double major

Marilyn Chakkalamuri
Biology student

Stephanie Torres
Public Health major

Chantel Davis
Violin Performance major

Alfredo Cervantes
Athletic Training major

Nicole Hoffmann
Engineering major

Phillip Wilson
OMIS major

Nicole Krakowiak
Public Health major

Daisy Campuzano
Sociology major

Mike Sooley
Nutrition, Dietetics and Wellness major

Keeayla Jones
Psychology major

Kaitlyn Monteer
Graduate student in Mathematics

Elvin Gonzaga
Political Science major

Fabian Yanez
Kinesiology major

Zohra Sattar
Chemistry major

Ryan Sims
Technology major

Shanna Metzger
Accountancy major

More Spotlight Faculty & Staff

Paul Wright
Kinesiology and Physical Education professor

Jeremy Benson
STEM educator in the NIU Center for P-20 Engagement

Dan Gebo
Professor of Anthropology

Kathryn “Kathi” Buffington
Office Manager in Undergraduate Advising and Student Resources department

Carrie Zack
Associate director of Educator Licensure and Preparation

Walker Ashley
Professor of Geographic and Atmospheric Sciences

Julie Miller
Electronic Research Administration (eRA) coordinator for the Division of Research and Innovation Partnerships (RIPS)

Amanda Littauer
Professor of History and Study of Women, Gender and Sexuality

Debbie Rempfer
Scholarship coordinator in the Financial Aid and Scholarship Office

Cathy Cradduck
Administrative assistant for the Division of Research and Innovation Partnerships (RIPS) vice president

More Spotlights

Denise Burchard
Assistant to the chair of the Department of Public Administration

Jessica Labatte
School of Art and Design Instructor of Photography

Gillian King-Cargile
Director of NIU STEM Read program

Katy Whitelaw
Information Technology Accessibility Officer

Blythe Kitner
Audiology instructor

Federico Sciammarella
Professor of Mechanical Engineering

Jeanette Rossetti
School of Nursing Professor

Alex Gelman
Director of School of Theatre and Dance

Tom Smith
Education Professor

Jan Reynolds
Sociology Instructor

Katja Wiemer
Psychology Professor

Diane Rodgers
Associate Sociology Professor

Abul Azad
Professor in the Department of Technology

Leslie Pergament-Nenia
Office support specialist at NIU’s Jerry L. Johns Literacy Clinic

Heide Fehrenbach
History Professor

Douglas Klumpp
Chemistry and Biochemistry Professor

Michelle Demaray
Psychology Professor

Nancy Brown
Building Services and Operating Staff Council

Reed Scherer
Geology and Environmental Geosciences Professor

Lynn Retherford
Coordinator of Teacher Certification for the School of Music

Ross Powell
Geology and Environmental Geosciences Professor

Jay Monteiro
Assistant to the dean, College of Visual and Performing Arts

Jo Burke
Director of the NIU Art Museum

Laura Lundelius
Director of Campus Services

Mark Pietrowski
Acting director of External Programming

Karen Baker
Associate Vice President, Title IX Coordinator

Theresa LaRocco
Records Supervisor for the Graduate School

Jeanne Isabel
Program director and associate professor for Medical Laboratory Sciences

Melissa Burlingame
Assistant Director

Mark McGowan
manager of college communications

Jason Akst
Instructor of Journalism in Department of Communication

Qingkai Kong
Mathematical sciences professor

Brenda Hart
Office Administrator

Ruperto Herrera
Application Programming Analyst

Mahesh Subramony
Professor of Management

Teresa Wasonga and Andrew Otieno
Professors in the Department of Leadership, Educational Psychology and Foundations and the Department of Technology

Gulsat Aygen
Professor of Linguistics in the Department of English

Jason Hanna
Professor of Philosophy

Toni Van Laarhoven
Professor in the Department of Special and Early Education

Swapan Chattopadhyay and Omar Chmaissem
Presidential Research Professorships

Myoungwhon Jung
Professor of Special and Early Education

Mark Cordes
Professor in the College of Law

Laura Vazquez
Undergraduate Program Director for the Department of Communication

Greg Barker
Director of Testing Services and Academic Affairs Research Support

Lise Schlosser
Office manager

Cheng-Hou Lee
Professor of Cello in the School of Music

Bill McCoy
director of the Building Ethical Leaders Using an Integrated Ethics Framework (BELIEF) Program

Federico Sciammarella
Professor of Mechanical Engineering

Amy Newman
English Professor