Frequently Asked Questions

Sexual Misconduct/Title IX

What is sexual misconduct?

Does Title IX protect all students from sexual misconduct?

Can I get in trouble if I was drinking or using drugs?

What if the person who committed the misconduct is a professor or staff member?

What happens if the alleged offender is not affiliated with NIU?

How does Title IX apply to student-on-student sexual misconduct?

What are the university's basic responsibilities to address student-on-student sexual misconduct?

Does Title IX protect against retaliation?

What is a Title IX Coordinator?

What is an interim protective measure?

Sexual Violence (rape, sexual assault or sexual abuse)

What is sexual violence?

What is rape?

Have I been raped or sexually assaulted?

My friend just told me she was raped. What do I do?

What happens to my rapist?


Am I being stalked?

Complaint/Investigation Process

What can the university do to protect me if I file a complaint?

Will the accused offender know that I filed complaint?

How long does a complaint take to resolve?

What is the difference between a Title IX investigation and criminal investigation?

Is NIU required to investigate information regarding sexual assault incidents shared by victims/survivors during public awareness events, such as "Take Back the Night"?


Do I have to give my name?

If I tell my Community Advisor that I was sexually assaulted, does the CA have to report the incident to NIU?

Who is a responsible employee?

What do I do if a friend reports sexual misconduct to me AND I am a responsible employee?