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Administrative Experience

Program Management

  • Supervise all undergraduate and graduate degree programs
  • Supervise public visual and performing arts programs and events
  • Work with Senior Administration on Public/Private initiatives

Strategic Planning

  • Lead analysis of programs, facilities, internal and external constituencies
  • Collaborate with working group and faculty on devising and implementing plan


  • Hire and retain faculty
  • Evaluate faculty and staff for re-appointment, tenure and promotion
  • Review and recommend sabbatical/pre-tenure leave/creative-scholarly research grant proposals, and awards

Program Assessment and Accreditation



  • Prepare and submit personnel and operating budget to VP for Academic Affairs (with Assistant to the Dean)
  • Oversee management of College accounts
  • Prioritize and approve supplemental annual budget requests


  • Supervise College visual and performing arts facilities, studios, exhibits spaces, concert and recital halls, theatres
  • Prepare and submit facility maintenance and improvement projects

Development and Alumni Relations

  • Work with VP for Development and Alumni Relations to coordinate fund-raising efforts
  • Devise strategies with various partners for developing alumni relations and fund-raising opportunities

Curriculum and Assessment

  • Assist with the development of new courses and programs, especially cross-disciplinary initiatives.
  • Review all curriculum proposals for new programs and courses, and program and course revisions.
  • Review all catalogue changes and revisions.
  • Coordinate F&PA GE course assessment, program assessment within departments and programs, and accreditation reviews; document art-making process and student learning through video of classroom projects; work with Dean to capture learning evidence; present findings at conferences.

Schedule, Curriculum, and Enrollment

  • Clarify policies and goals for course scheduling, maintain ongoing communication with chairs and directors around preparing and submitting F&PA course schedules.
  • Review and approve all F&PA course schedules; submit to registrar by published deadlines.
  • Review enrollments and, consultation with chairs and directors, develop solutions for under-enrolled and over-enrolled courses.
  • Write, create, and direct F&PA promotional video for recruiting
  • Prepare semester faculty workloads and assignments.

Student Services

  • Review independent study, fieldwork, excess credit, course withdrawal, waivers; act on other administrative requests/actions.
  • Review and resolve student problems, including grade appeals, academic integrity.