General Lab Safety

To determine what type of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) shall be worn in the laboratory for specific projects, participants and personnel should refer to the Hazard Assessment for Personal Protective Equipment.

Eyewash and safety showers, as well as other safety equipment must be checked periodically in compliance with the Laboratory Inspection Procedure and recorded via the Laboratory Inspection Checklist.

Fume hoods shall be tested and maintained according to federal and state guidelines. get more information about Fume Hood Maintenance.

Equipment must be cleaned and decontaminated before it is removed from the lab for disposal or repair. Follow the Decontamination Plan and fill out the Decontamination Certificate.

Information regarding operating laboratory equipment and completing standard procedures is provided and shall be done in conformance with the NIU Standard Operating Procedure Template.

Get additional information regarding less common laboratory procedures about Gas Cylinders or Pressure Vessels.

Lab procedures should be read carefully and understood completely in order to assess the potential hazardous. Assessments shall be done in conformance with the Hazard Assessment

In the occurrence of an accident in the lab, the Accident Reporting Procedure documentation must be completed.

Rules regarding food and drink in laboratories shall be done in conformance with Food and Drink Policy in Research Laboratories.

The laboratory setting poses potential emergencies or dangerous situations. In case of emergency, emergency procedures must be followed to ensure the safety of all in the laboratory. Please refer to the Laboratory Emergency Disaster Plan. 

Lab participants shall be notified of potential hazards and completely understand lab procedures and policies. Compliance must be recorded via a sign-in sheet or other form of documentation.