Report an Incident

NIU expects a level of responsible behavior by students, faculty and staff on and off campus. If something should happen where you feel that you have been a victim of discrimination based on gender, race, religion, sexual preference or physical ability, you should report it to the appropriate authority.

Bias Reporting and Discrimination

We are committed to safeguarding individual’s constitutional rights to free speech and assembly and addressing incidents of bias that may negatively affect individuals and/or communities. If anyone in the NIU community feels belittled, disrespected, or isolated based on their identity such as race, sex, age, religion, physical ability or any other factor unrelated to academic qualifications, there is a mechanism to report the incident.

Affirmative Action and Title IX 

The Affirmative Action and Equity Compliance office handles complaints from students, faculty and staff about:

The office also administers university policies and procedures

Contact Information

Affirmative Action and Equity Compliance

1515 W. Lincoln Hwy
DeKalb, IL 60115

In case of emergency:

  • NIU Police
  • DeKalb Police
  • 911

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