Time Arts


Our world is being revolutionized by digital media. New possibilities for creating thoughtful, original content emerge every day. Time Arts is a digital media and design program that explores leading-edge tools for creating motion, animation, interaction, and visualization.

Time Arts encompasses coursework in 2D/3D Animation, Video Art, Sound, Data Visualization, and Interactivity.

Northern Illinois University is a research institution so we are constantly creating with new tools and techniques. However, our Time Arts students are proficient in Adobe CC, Autodesk, and many open source software programs.Time Arts students can choose to focus on one area, or explore and study in all of these disciplines, with an emphasis on the overall integration of media elements.Your result is a B.F.A. degree that prepares you to be employed in the rapidly changing technical and creative markets of contemporary digital culture.

Who are Time Arts students?

•Highly motivated and imaginative.
•Visual storytellers.
•Innovators and experimenters.
•Team players who are committed to collaborating and helping others.
•Have a passion for technology.
•Demonstrate cultural and social awareness.

We expect our students to use their creativity as their most valuable asset when continuing in their chosen profession after college. Many of our students go on to work in a profession related to what they focused on in school, such as animation, game art/design, visual effects, or interactive design.


See a suggested time arts four-year plan.