Together we provide an education shaped by our research, outreach, and service.  What we do in the classroom, in our programs and through our work in the field (be it through a grant or a cooperative partnership with the schools) our work shapes the educational community’s knowledge about learning and has been honored at all levels. We teach on campus and in the schools, we teach abroad as Fulbright Fellows and through service organizations.  We are everywhere on a daily basis.  Across the university there are more than 140 tenured and tenure-track faculty members, another 60 SPS, and more than 100 instructors who work in educator preparation.  We are all supported by more than 120 staff members across the various college and program offices.  Our collective knowledge and experience is passed along to our students in all that we do to educate and support them.

As a body of faculty we are also working in more than seven Centers, three collaborative programs, and across the thirty-two different preparation programs.  We bring in hundreds of thousands of dollars of grants annually that promote our work with our students in areas of educational technology, pedagogy, literacy, ELL instruction, the various disciplines, and with our school partners.  We teach across all four campuses at NIU and we have twelve PDS schools where we offer classes and clinicals on-site.

We are the faculty who walk beside our students as we prepare them to learn today and lead tomorrow.