GSARP Photo Tour


CLB front
This is the Campus Life Building, located at the corner of Lucinda Ave. and Normal Rd. The opening session of GSARP on Friday and all of the interviews on Saturday will take place in this building.


CLB rear lot
Parking for GSARP is located behind the Campus Life Building, in the Newman Center parking lot (building on the right side of the photo).


CLB rear entrance
After parking at the Newman Center, GSARP participants can enter the Campus Life Building through the rear entrance pictured here.


CLB rotunda
Once inside the Campus Life Building, participants can make their way to the rotunda where check-in will be located. The GSARP opening session will take place in room 100, which is adjacent to the rotunda.


In addition to the opening session, room 100 of the Campus Life Building is the 'staging area' for Saturday's interviews and breakfast and lunch will be provided in this room on Saturday.


Career resource center
Participants will interview for positions between 8:00am-12:00pm on Saturday. During the time between interviews, participants are invited to make use of the Career Services Resource Center on the 2nd floor of the Campus Life Building.


Interview room
NIU's Career Services will host GSARP interviews on Saturday. One of their interview rooms is pictured here.


HSC from CLB
 Pictured through the front doors of the Campus Life Building is the Holmes Student Center.