Statistical Consulting Services


Initial Consultation Fee

We charge a nominal $25 fee for NIU students, $50 for other clients, for the first meeting. The first meeting usually lasts from one-half to one hour. Hourly fees (see below) apply for services provided beyond the first meeting.

Extended Services

Clients are charged hourly fees for services beyond the first meeting. Our current fee schedule follows:

  • Clients who are NIU Undergraduate students are charged $25 per hour
  • Clients who are NIU Graduate students are charged $30 per hour
  • Clients who are NIU Staff are charged $50 per hour
  • Clients who are NIU Faculty/Administrators/Departments are charged $100 per hour
  • Clients from outside of NIU are charged $150 per hour

Sponsored Research

Clients who engage in sponsored research are encouraged to include statistical consulting in their proposals. This can take the form of a direct-cost line item, a partial or full graduate assistantship, or partial funding of faculty member.


If the project calls for a standard statistical design and analyses, then co-authorship with us is usually not appropriate. If the project involves nonstandard statistical techniques, then co-authorship is encouraged.