Supreme Court

Welcome to the Supreme Court.

The Constitution of the Student Association vests authority in five Justices to, upon proper presentation of a petition from a member of the student body with standing:

  • Rule on the constitutionality of action taken by any SA-recognized student organization.
  • Interpret the constitution and bylaws of SA-recognized organizations.
  • Rule on the constiutionality of action taken by the Legislative Branch or its members.
  • Rule on the constiutionality of action taken by the Executive Branch or its members.
  • Rule on appeals relating to the proper conduct of elections.
  • Decide the wording of referenda.

The Supreme Court excercises this authority to resolve disputes. Questions about the constitutionality of actions taken, or the meaning of the constitution with respect to those actions, are asked when actions are disputed. It is your right to petition the Supreme Court if you believe that a dispute has not been resolved. The Supreme Court, and all petitioners before it, must use this Supreme Court Petition Form.

Supreme Court Decisions & Opinions

Brian Burkhardt

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