Christine Wang, 
NIU Student Association Senate
Welcome to the official website of the Student Association Senate! As the legislative body of the Student Association, the Senate is integral to the university’s mission of shared governance as an advocate for the student body.

The Senate officially reviews and verifies any executive branch actions and confirms any new appointments. Additionally, the Senate is also responsible for formally recognizing new student organizations, and approving the appropriations of funds for each SA-recognized organization. The Senate is ultimately responsible for the Student Association budget of over $6.5 million dollars, providing services such as the Huskie Bus Line, Recreation Services, Student Legal Department, CAB, and Event Production Services, among others.

The Senate is comprised of up to 40 senators, separated into 4 districts and is responsible for the creation, drafting, and passage of policies that deal directly with the NIU Constitution and Bylaws. Each Senator serves on at least one standing committee, and may also serve on an additional University Council committee, all assigned at the discretion of the Speaker. During the year, Senators also serve the campus and community through community service and even by lobbying in Springfield for policies that benefit higher education. Elections are held in the Spring of every academic year, and appointments are made when needed to fill vacant Senate seats.

Every student deserves to have their voice heard, and as Speaker, I will not hesitate to ensure that that right is upheld. My office is always open to anyone, and if you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me.
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