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Drive home the concepts you learn in class by taking advantage of hands-on learning experiences.

The best way to test your understanding of the knowledge you gain in class, and to really absorb it in the context that you’ll be working, is to engage with your learning through hands-on experiences.

Working with a faculty or staff mentor or supervisors, you’ll create an experience unique to your goals and interests. Through this structured experience that blends your classroom concepts with “real-world” scenarios and opportunities, you’ll make better connections, gain a deeper understanding and perspective on your interests and test the knowledge you gain in class. EngagePLUS also lets you get into the work of your interests to help you determine if it’s the right career path for you.

EngagePLUS Opportunities

EngagePLUS opportunities are available within one of the following six options:

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If you are creative and have a passion for artistic expression through theater, music, art or any other form of creative endeavor, this may be the right category for you to choose. Artistry projects may include things like producing or directing a performance, extensive engagement in an artistic showcase in music, painting, photography, etc., or coordinating a community art event that allows others to showcase their talents.

Career Related Work Experiences provide direct experience in a work setting whereby you are able to gain hands-on experience and develop essential professional skills. Career related work experiences can include internships, clinical work, practicum or clinical work.

Experiential learning refers to “hands-on” learning. This suggests that learning occurs through doing. If you are eager to apply your classroom knowledge in a real setting, this may be the category for you. Experiences may include things like working as a team to develop a product for an organization, engaging in projects in the field that require you to observe behaviors and infer outcomes, or engaging in a global experience.

If you have a passion for inspiring others, understanding how followers respond to different leadership styles or effective strategies for engaging others, this may be the category for you. Leadership experiences will include extensive training and/or application of skills. Experiences may include engaging in intensive leadership and professional development training, and serving as an orientation leader, a community advisor or a peer educator.

If you are passionate about serving the community and also are engaged in critical reflection about the impact of your engagement on your own growth and the growth of the community, this may be the right category for you. Service-learning experiences may include extensive participation in an alternative spring break program, serving through a global community engagement experience, and providing direct service to the campus or local community.

If you are curious and passionate about gaining a deep understanding through scholarly inquiry and exploration, this may be the category for you. Undergraduate research experiences involve working independently with a faculty mentor or through a structured program like Research Rookies to explore topics that interest you. You are also encouraged to consider avenues for presenting your research as part of this experience.