Getting My OneCard ID

Getting My OneCard ID

If you have ever had a OneCard ID, you will need to follow the instructions for a Lost ID.

Please select from the appropriate bulleted section for students or for employees as it applies to you.

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For Students

  • Students Required to Attend Orientation: When you have received your scheduled orientation date, click here to learn how to obtain your OneCard ID. (PLEASE NOTE: Only the following dates have been scheduled at this time: January 8 & 9, 2015.)

  • Students NOT Required to Attend Orientation: You must be enrolled in classes for the current semester before you are eligible to obtain your OneCard ID. You must come into the OneCard ID Services office to have your picture taken and OneCard ID printed.
      • You must be enrolled for classes at least 24 hours prior to coming into the OneCard ID Services office to get your card. This is the time frame it takes for your information to be loaded into the system to produce your ID.
      • For all other questions on verifying eligibility or acquiring your OneCard ID, please contact OneCard ID Services.
  • Students Attending ALL Classes at Off-Campus Sites: If you are ONLY taking classes at any of the NIU affiliated satellite campuses (Naperville, Rockford or Hoffman Estates), then click here to learn how to obtain your OneCard ID.

For Employees

  • New Employees: Please call OneCard ID Services to verify that your information is in the OneCard system. You will need to bring a state ID, a state driver's license, or a passport with you to obtain your NIU OneCard ID.

  • Extra Help Employees: OneCard IDs are not issued to extra help employees.