Library Support

University Libraries
NIU Libraries offer a full range of 21st century services, including an online catalog, research tools, and instruction in use of library resources.

The Ask-a-Librarian service provides an email option with response time within a maximum of 48 hours. A second option includes an IM chat service, including indication if the service is currently online. Finally, a Find a Subject Specialist link for contact information to the librarian specialist for each academic area at NIU.

Library One Cards (OneCard)
All NIU students, faculty and staff must use the OneCard to borrow or request library materials. Off Campus database authentication is established through EZproxy and will require the student to enter their Novell ID and password.
Off campus students who do not live in the DeKalb/Sycamore area, may request a photoless ID card from the library website:

The NIU Libraries participates in I-Share, an online database made up of 76 Illinois academic and research library catalogs. I-Share holdings may be requested online for delivery to the NIU library.