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Safer Sex Supplies

The correct and consistent use of condoms and other safer sex items is a key component for sexual health safety. Any sexual contact between two people carries some degree of risk. The only way to completely eliminate your risk is to refrain from any sexual contact.

While condoms and other safer sex items are not perfect and cannot guarantee that you will be free from infection or unintended pregnancy, diligent use of available protective measures can reduce your risk significantly.

As part of an overall safer sex initiative, Health Enhancement provides these items at no additional cost to NIU students. Our objective is to reduce barriers so that every student who would like to access these protective items can obtain them as easily as possible.

Types of Items Available

Male condoms - Female condoms - Latex barriers (dams) - Lubricant
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Distribution Points

Safer sex items are available all around campus, for more information click the link below.

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Safe sex vs. Safer Sex

Safer sex means practicing one or more behaviors that will reduce your risk of experiencing a negative consequence from sexual activities.

The term "Safer Sex" is used instead of "Safe Sex" since every sexual contact involves some form of risk - there is a continuum of risk from very low to extremely high.