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Camp Staff Biographies

Summer in the Arts at Northern hires many talented individuals for the summer camps. NIU faculty, graduate and undergraduate students, alumni, guest artists and area teachers, serve as camp directors, instructors, and counselors. Camp directors devise the camp curriculum and oversee the week's activities. All have had extensive teaching experience. Campers are supervised at all times; the ratio of adults to campers is about one to 12. Counselors are assigned to each residence hall floor and accompany the campers to all meals and activities.

NIU Jazz Camp

Geof Bradfield (Camp Director, saxophone)

Nick Roach (trombone)

Kimberly Branch (trumpet)

Bryan Carter (percussion, head counselor)

Ryan Chamberlain (bass)

Quentin Coaxum (trumpet)

Mark Dahl saxophone)

Willerm Delisfort (piano)

Marybeth Kurnat (saxophone)

Bernard Long, Jr. (percussion)

Christopher McBride (saxophone)

Scott Mertens (piano)

Brian Quinlan (guitar)

Marlene Rosenberg (bass)

Visual Arts Camp

Lynn Stockton (Camp Director)

Brandon Barber (Portraits in Acrylic)

Lisa Doll (Mixed Media)

Joshua Johnson (Printmaking)

Bjana Lunde (Experimental Drawing Studies)

April Macantagay (3-D Sculpture Experience)

Courtney Haugdahl (Acrylic Painting)

Frank Matas (Life Drawing)

Becki Miller (Drawing Realism)

Shauna Ubersox (Drawing Realism)

Elizabeth Woodyatt (Dynamic Color and Composition)

Ana Cortes (Printmaking)

Abigail La Franca (3-D Sculpture Experience)

Janell Matas (Acrylic Painting)

Timothy Roloff (3-D Sculpture Experience)