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At the Heart of a Great University

With 18 departments and spanning the humanities, social sciences and natural sciences, the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences is the largest of NIU's six undergraduate colleges. By the nature of our mission, we touch virtually every new student to the university, regardless of their major, through the wide array of general education courses housed within our departments. We provide the solid liberal arts foundation that students can build upon. Your future career success begins here!


Doederlein PhotoCouple transforms love into opportunities for students

The legacy of two emeriti professors – and their affection for Northern Illinois University – will live on in the form of scholarships for students majoring in the humanities. The Doederleins’ $100,000 commitment to students is deeply personal – NIU students remind them of how they came of age and their own journeys to get an education and make a better life.

Tumpag PhotoA new student-curated exhibition inside Founders Memorial Library explores the material culture of indigenous and Muslim minorities found throughout the Philippines, a nation with a diverse history and people. 

Created in observance of October’s Filipino American Heritage Month, the exhibition provides insight into the origins of the Filipino people, whose technology, motifs and knowledge are inspiring younger generations at home and abroad who wish to reconnect with their roots.



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