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Campus interviews are usually held in CLB 260. Arrive a little early for your interview; 5 to 10 minutes is usually adequate. Sign-in at the reception desk and have a seat. The recruiter will come out to greet you.

Employers will occasionally bring greeters with them. Greeters are often recent NIU graduates. They will tell you about their experience with the company, their training, and the work they do. Don't expect them to say anything negative, but ask good questions, listen carefully, and you can learn a lot.

Important Rule

Call Career Services if you are unable to attend your scheduled interview time.

The deadline to cancel your interview without penalty is 9:00 am two business days before your interview. For example, if your interview is on Friday at 3:00pm, you need to call by Wednesday at 9:00am to cancel.

Late cancellations or missed interviews require that you write a professional apology letter explaining your absence to the employer and send a copy of the letter to NIU Campus Recruiting (

Failure to write a professional letter will result in the termination of your Victor eRecruiting account.