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Campus Recruiting Student Guide

Historically, students have averaged about six to ten interviews per semester, regardless of their major, though some have done as few as one and others as many as thirty to forty.

Students who have used the Campus Recruiting program in the past have often commented that, though the interviews themselves created some stress, the interview request and scheduling process was fairly simple. The best advice we can offer is that you try to think of campus recruiting as "just another class." Set aside time each week to read the job descriptions, meet the deadlines for submitting résumés, and prepare for your interviews.

Most of the steps required by the Campus Recruiting process are fairly repetitive from week to week. Once you know where to find certain information (the campus recruiting calendar and job descriptions, for example), you'll be able to quickly find the details you need to make the most efficient use of the program. Follow these steps carefully. Though it may seem that preparing your résumé and turning in copies is something you would do only once, many students have found that they were able to make improvements to their résumés as they interviewed and could see that some information was missing, incomplete, or unnecessary.

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