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Post Jobs & Find Candidates Job and Internship Search System: Huskies Get Hired


Traditional Job Postings

  1. Employers have the ability to post positions, accept résumés and in most cases, access/review résumé books.

  2. Candidates are contacted by employers for telephone screening, testing, or interview scheduling.
    NIU's Campus Recruiting office suite usually is available to conduct on-campus interviews.
    Note: Employers are responsible for managing the interview process.

Participate in the Campus Recruiting Program

Pre-selection Process for Scheduling Interviews at NIU:

  1. Contact Campus Recruiting
    Select a date to interview. Four weeks' notice will allow plenty of time to ensure an effective use of the system.

  2. Confirmation Details
    You will receive confirmation details from NIU Career Services after selecting a Campus Recruiting date.

  3. Company Profile & Job Details in Huskies Get Hired!
    Huskies Get Hired! is your best (and sometimes only) way to communicate with potential applicants, given the large number of job seekers participating in campus recruiting.
    Seldom is it possible for us to advise them individually about new jobs.

  4. Review Résumés
    • Job seekers submit résumés to your job postings in Huskies Get Hired! to show interest in interviewing with your organization.
    • Résumés will be emailed to you three weeks prior to your interview date.
    • You also may review résumés in Huskies Get Hired! as they are posted.

  5. Select Candidates (in Huskies Get Hired!)
    • Huskies Get Hired! will notify applicants automatically of their selection and provide them with instructions. 
    • We recommend you send an email reminding to interview candidates about the essential application requirements (e.g., minimum GPA, on the job travel).

  6. Candidates Select Interview Time
      • Candidates will schedule an interview time using Huskies Get Hired! 
      • Final schedules will be available to you via Huskies Get Hired! on the Friday morning prior to your interview date. 
      • Schedules are subject to last-minute changes. We do our best to assure all candidates appear for interviews; cancellations are kept to a minimum.