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Affordable Corporate
Recruiting and Branding Opportunities

It is our goal to offer affordable recruiting and branding opportunities to employers. Revenue generated by these programs is used to offset program expenses that prepare students for leadership roles with your company. Thank you for your support of NIU students through Career Services.

Can't get to campus? Travel budget cuts?

  1. Electronic interviewing is now available through Career Services. We can make arrangements for you to speak with students through webcams via Skype.

              Amount: $25/hour (1 hr. minimum)

See Your Company Around Campus

  1. Lease a showcase window in the main hallway of the Holmes Student Center.
    You provide the artwork, logo, &/or MS Office PowerPoint or Publisher file that includes company name, logo, tag line, and information/pictures that would attract students to stop and learn about your company and career opportunities. Don’t forget to include the dates you will be on campus. We will send you a picture of your window too. Showcase window size is 15ft x 3ft. Window will be up for two weeks. Please select the dates below. (Limit 1 two-week display per semester) 

Fall 2013 Dates
Aug. 26 - Sep.  6
Sep.   9 - Sep. 20
Sep. 23 - Oct.   4
Oct.   7 - Oct.  18
Oct.  21-  Nov. 1


  1. Amount: $250 (We will print your display for you.)

  2. See your posters/fliers in 50 locations around campus!

    Plan A ($50)
    Career Services will secure authorization and post your career related posters/fliers (which you will provide) in 50 locations (includes academic buildings, residence halls, student centers, laundry facilities and food service areas) for 2 weeks.
    Note: Limited to one time per semester.

    Plan B ($100)
    Includes Plan A. We have access to the executive officers of over 200 student organizations on our campus. Send 300 fliers: 50 will be posted; 200+ placed in student organizations' mailboxes; 50 remaining distributed in the Career Resource Center (CRC). Note: Limited to once per semester.

  3. See your posters/fliers in 50 locations around campus! More than 4,000 students visit the Career Resource Center each year and will be reminded by the 7 monitors that your company hires NIU students!

              Amount: $50/month (available September through March)


For reservations and/or information, please contact Jan Wylde at 815-753-8346 or