Interviewing: Tips for Success


Video Feature: Interviewing Success (Situational & Behavioral Interviews)

What Employers are Saying about Interviewing!

Employers identify poor interviewing skills and insufficient preparation as major obstacles for candidates being hired. Their resumes get them the interview, but lackluster interviews cost them the job.

Junior and Seniors sign up now for a Practice Interview.   Practice interviews will teach you how to identify the skills and competencies that interviewers look for and how to prepare in advance for those difficult questions.  All students will receive feedback on how to improve.

What You Need to Know

  • Learn to tell YOUR story clearly and confidently
    (If you cannot tell your own story, how will you be able to tell the story of the organization seeking to hire you)?;

  • Most employers today interview candidates using questions that are "situation-based" and "behavioral-based":
    • Explain situations related to the job functions for which you are interviewing.
    • Describe what you did to address the situation(s).
    • What were the results that you achieved by your actions addressing the situation?
    • Describe how your skills and experiences would contribute to the company's goals.
    • Do your homework BEFORE your interview
      Employer research is the single most important step in preparing for any interview. Know about a company's products or services, its markets, and its competitors.

If you don't know about these things, you won't interview well and you won't get the job. Think about it; would you choose someone for your team, ensemble or cast who couldn't express their own talents and skills in such a way that would lead you to say, "This person understands who we are and brings the skills we need."

The Career Services Guide provides an extensive bibliography of useful research publications that are available in the CRC and Founders Memorial Library.

The Huskies Get Hired! system and the Web are important sources of information about potential employers, and most of the employers who recruit at Northern have websites that give thorough descriptions of their businesses.

Access Huskies Get Hired! today to start researching employers for internships and jobs in preparation for your interviews.