Huskies Get Hired!

Tips and Tools for Using Huskies Get Hired!

How to Job Search in Huskies Get Hired (HGH)

When searching in HGH, it is best NOT TO USE the BASIC SEARCH SCREEN.

For BEST results, use these searches from the MORE SEARCHES box located on the top left side of the eRecruiting screen:

  • Accountancy Academic Internships . . . [for students]
  • Campus Interviews - Internships . . . [for students]
  • Campus Interviews for Post-Graduation Jobs . . . [for students]
  • Job Postings for Alumni . . . [for alumni]
  • Job Postings for Co-ops/Internships . . . [for students]
  • Job Postings for Educators . . . [for students and alumni]
  • Job Postings for Seniors & Masters Candidates . . . [for students]
  • Nationwide Experience Network Jobs . . . [for students and alumni]
  • Part-Time/Full-Time Non-Degreed Job Search . . . [for students]

When you enter criteria in the search fields, you should only select one or two search criteria to get the best results.

DO NOT fill in every field on the search screen. No employer will have entered a job matching criteria you have chosen for every field.

Huskies Get Hired Calendar

The calendar tells you which companies will be on campus, when they will be here, the majors they want to interview, and job titles of the positions for which they are recruiting.

Look for employers who want to interview students with your major or from your college, and those who indicate "all majors."

The calendar also tells you which employers have scheduled pre-recruitment meetings and is updated frequently as additions, cancellations, and changes are received. The Internet copy will be updated daily.

To view the Huskies Get Hired calendar, logon to Huskies Get Hired  and choose the "Interview Schedules" link on the left hand side under "Calendar".

Information for Alumni using Huskies Get Hired

Career Services uses Huskies- Get Hired as our premier online job search database.

Alumni are invited to use the system:

  • to search for full-time jobs after graduation
  • to submit résumés to employers
  • to publish résumés in a résumé book
  • to contact employers who have posted jobs

If you used this system while you were a student, you can continue to use Huskies- Get Hired after you graduate. Your login will remain the same and will not expire.

New to the system, or forgot your password? E-mail; include your name, major, and graduation date. 

(Note: Your username will be sent to your @niu email address after we activate your account).