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Huskies Get Hired!

So far this year, employers have posted more than 4,100 jobs and over 1,150 internships on our Huskies Get Hired! online job search tool. These are top employers who partner with NIU and are looking for you!

What To Do When Logged-In

Check out our Quick Start Guide and complete the following steps:

  1. Upload your résumé.
  2. Publish your résumé to one or more of the "résumé books" (Employers can only view your résumé if it is published within a  résumé book).
  3. Search and apply for internships and full-time Jobs.

Important Reminder

Many available positions require you to complete two important steps. Make sure that you

  1. Apply to the position using Huskies - Get Hired!
  2. Apply once again to the same position through the employer's individual job system.

We are here to assist you. Call or e-mail us with questions.

Before You Get Started

All students participating in on-campus interviews must complete our Online Tutorial.

HGH for Employers


New Feature in HGH: Résumé Builder!

Use Résumé Builder, in the Huskies Get Hired! system, to help you create your résumé.
Check out the Quick Start Guide and build your résumé today!