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Huskies Get Hired! for Employers

Career Services uses Huskies Get Hired (HGH) as our premier online job search database. HGH is accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from any computer.

Important Update:

Right now, the migration of the current Huskies Get Hired! (HGH) system to the Symplicity network is taking longer than expected. Most of the functionality of the new provider will be very similar, yet you will have additional resources to assist in the completion of your personal and professional goals.

Employers will receive an email when access to NIU's Huskies Get Hired! system is live in the new Symplicity system.


If you have specific questions about using Huskies Get Hired, please contact any of our Employer Specialists listed below:

Catherine Doederlein 815-753-1016
Diane Hart 815-753-7159
Carolyn Ramsey 815-753-7170
Jan Wylde 815-753-8346
Kathy Zuidema 815-753-8344

Helpful Information

Huskies Get Hired is a FREE SERVICE for employers working with Northern Illinois University.

Your jobs will be posted for a period of 60 days. If you need to inactivate a job sooner than 60 days, contact our office at

You are responsible for making contact with candidates that you locate in the résumé books.

Please acknowledge résumés sent to you via e-mail in response to job postings.

If you are participating in on-campus interviews, do not forget to make your decisions online within Huskies Get Hired. If you need assistance, please contact Carolyn Ramsey at or 815-753-1642.

Product Details and Limitations

Simplicity is the company that provides the eRecruiting product, Huskies Get Hired!

Simplicity does offer some services that do have a fee [i.e., the Simplicity Network, which allows you to post to a nationwide network for a period of 30 days, and eRecruiting Pro. which allows an employer to post a job one time and have it posted to any number of schools with which the employer works].

These products are not necessary in order to use Huskies Get Hired!

Career Services Disclaimer

How to Get Access

Go to Huskies Get Hired and self-register to create your account; or if you already have an account, you can proceed to login.

Why Use HGH?

  • to post internship and co-op opportunities
  • to post full-time jobs for soon-to-be graduates and alumni
  • to post part-time, seasonal, or temporary jobs
  • to search through résumé books for candidates
  • to schedule on-campus recruiting sessions