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Huskie-2-Huskie (H2H) Mentor Instructions

Remember when you were attending NIU and how it would have been nice if you had someone to talk to regarding your career choice. Someone who could tell you what path they took to get the kind of job you hope to land or do a job shadow to see if that job is really as interesting to you once you see what is expected of you. You really could have used a mentor experience.

Being a Mentor can be a truly rewarding experience. It's an opportunity to share your experiences and knowledge with current NIU students.

What are Students Looking for in a Mentor?

  • a career professional with your valuable insight
  • help in developing their interpersonal, communication and professional skills
  • knowledge about the industry
  • to discover someone else's path in the career they hope to enter
  • to learn about the culture of various employers

How Can a Mentoring Experience Benefit You?

  • expand your own network
  • potentially discover valuable hires or referrals for others
  • gain satisfaction from knowing you are contributing to others' career growth and confidence
  • feel proud to be an NIU alum by helping your alma mater

IMPORTANT NOTE: Students may not know exactly what they are "wanting to know." As an experienced alumnus, you can take the lead when you receive a request. Be sure to follow up on all requests that you receive.



  1. Accept the H2H Mentor Agreement.
  2. Complete the online H2H Mentor Tutorial  (6 minutes, with audio) . . . OR . . . use the Quick Start Guide
  3. Click to create your H2H Mentor Account now.

Optional Resource for using H2H Mentor Program

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