Welcome to the Huskie-2-Huskie (H2H) Mentor Program


**IMPORTANT: Due to the upgrade of HGH system to Symplicity, we are in the process of updating the Huskie-2-Huskie Mentor program. Please check back on our website for updates.**

Huskie-2-Huskie: An easy, self-regulated, online program for students and alumni.

Students:  Take charge of learning more about your career options.  Finding a mentor is so easy.  Resources are provided to help you interact with your mentor.  Search the mentor database for an alumni mentor based on criteria such as major in school, industry, job function, etc.  Your email request is made online through the database.     

Alumni:  Ever wanted to do something valuable for your alma mater?  Register to be a mentor.  Help a student as they seek to learn about your career path and the work world in general.

To learn more about the Huskie-2-Huskie Mentor Program, click on the appropriate link below.