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Huskie-2-Huskie (H2H) Mentoring Program: Student Information

Try out NIU’s new H2H Mentoring Program!   H2H pairs students (mentees) with alumni (mentors) who want to provide career advice.


Mentoring can be an ongoing relationship in which you:

  • talk periodically with your mentor
  • attend Huskie-2-Huskie mentoring events
  • even visit your mentor’s workplace

Mentoring can also be:

  • a one-time phone call or email
  • Instant Message chats
  • Skype sessions
  • in-person meeting about specific career questions you might have
    • at the homecoming game
    • over a cup of coffee
    • at the job fair

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you request a mentor, be sure you follow up and ask your questions or meet with them to learn all you can from them.



  1. H2H Mentee Agreement - You must complete the Mentee Agreement in order to participate.
  2. On-line Tutorial - (10 minutes with audio) . . . OR . . . use the Quick Start Guide - print a copy to help you navigate H2H
  3. Log in to the Huskies Get Hired! system and select, "Huskie-2-Huskie" from the black toolbar at the top of the page.

Optional Resource for using the H2H Mentor Program


Please keep in mind that H2H is NOT a job placement service, and H2H mentors are not expected to offer or find you a job.   Instead, H2H provides access to career information, which can help you

  • explore industries
  • make decisions
  • build a professional network

H2H can benefit all students, regardless of where you are in your career journey—it’s never too early to invest in your career development.

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