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About Career Counseling at NIU

Professional counselors assist students and alumni with all aspects of the job search: establishing a career plan, preparing a résumé, identifying potential employers, and a variety of other career-related concerns. Mock interviews can also be scheduled to help in your preparation.

Career Decision-Making

  • Counseling students in self-exploration
  • Assistance in exploring career options
  • Counseling on how to overcome career obstacles

Experiential Education

  • Help finding and preparing for an experiential learning experience
  • Support and intervention, as needed, during the experience
  • Provide opportunities for students to reflect upon the experience

Plans For After Graduation

  • Assistance preparing for and finding full-time employment
  • Guidance on the development of entrepreneurial opportunities
  • Assistance in selecting a Graduate School
  • Aid in pursuing other career-related options

Current students and alumni are asked to send any questions or comments to careerservices@niu.edu.