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The image above was taken at the Asia Society in New York City, where the Center for Burma Studies loaned several objects for an exhibit. The three objects in the photograph belong to the Center. 

In 1986, Northern Illinois University was selected by the Burma Studies Group of the Association for Asian Studies to be the national Center for Burma Studies.

At that time, the Burma Studies Foundation was created, which, as part of its mission, supports the Center for Burma Studies through the gathering of Burmese materials which are suitable for inclusion in the Burmese Collections at Northern Illinois University.

This interrelationship was developed to focus the scarce resources on Burma in an environment where they would receive appropriate care and could be readily utilized by those interested in the country of Burma/Myanmar and its development.


Journal of Burma Studies Volume 19.1 (abstracts)
Bulletin of the Burma Studies Group No.93-94

Current Exhibit:
"Beyond Aesthetics: The Art of
Burmese Metalworking"

Jack Arends Building, 2nd Floor

Featured Past Exhibit:
Buddhist Art of Myanmar

Asia Society New York, New York
February 10 through May 10, 2015

The Center for Burma Studies proudly loaned
 several objects to this exhibit in New York City!