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Research Opportunities for Undergrads


Sign up for BIOS 370/495 if you have at least a 3.0 GPA in biology

  • Find a Research Laboratory (This is not a list of who has space or projects in any given semester - contact the professor about openings)
  • Email one or two professors. Include an unofficial copy of your transcript
  • After you've been accepted into a lab, get permission slip from biology office MO 439 to enroll for credit
  • Any questions? See Dr. Bethia King, BIOS370/Honors Advisor, MO 446, 753-8460,

Contact biology professors about openings for undergraduate research in their labs:

ProfessorLabResearch Topic
Nick Barber MO414 Community Ecology; Plant-insect Interactions; Trophic Cascades
Neil Blackstone MO 339/423 Coral physiology and bleaching
Barrie Bode   MO449/412 Cancer Biology and Molecular Physiology
Jozef Bujarski MO 439/314 Plant Molecular Biology; Molecular Virology; RNA Recombination and Host-Virus Interactions
Ana Calvo MO  308A/309  Molecular Microbiology and Biotechnology; Gene Regulation; Plant and Animal Pathogenic Fungi
Melvin Duvall MO 345/309 Molecular Phylogenetics & Evolution, especially in Angiosperms
Sherine Elsawa MO 436/413 Immunology, Cancer Biology, Tumor Microenvironment
Ken Gasser MO 448/419  Cell Physiology
Stuart Hill MO 325A/311 Genetic recombination; antigenic variation in prokaryotes
Gabriel Holbrook MO 359/327 Plant Physiology; Plant Biochemistry
Mitrick Johns MO 449/409  Plant & Animal Molecular Genetics
Holly Jones MO 448 Conservation biology; Restoration ecology; Climate change adaptation
Corinna Kasuba MO 316 Veterinarian, Animal Care Facility
Bethia King MO 446/428 Animal Behavior; Entomology
Richard King MO 445/430 Evolutionary Ecology; Herpetology; Conservation Biology
R. Meganathan MO 335/309 Microbes: Physiology; Biochemistry; Genetics & Molecular Biology
Jon Miller MO 333/329 Cell Physiology; Comparative Invertebrate Immunology
Virginia Naples  MO 425 Anatomy; Functional Morphology; Mammalogy
Karen Samonds MO 406A Paleontology, Skeletal Biology, Biogeography, Anatomy
Thomas Sims MO 325D/321 Molecular Genetics, Genomics, Plant Reproduction
Joel Stafstrom MO 342/313 Plant cell biology; Regulation of translation by environmental stress
Wesley Swingley MO 333 Microbial Ecology; Computational Biology
Linda Yasui MO 358/114 Radiation-induced cell death, cell biology,  cancer biology
Yanbin Yin MO 325A Bioinformatics and evolutionary genomics; plant cell walls and bioenergy
Shengde Zhou MO 435 Microbial genetics, molecular biology, metabolic engineering, biotechnology

Download a printable pdf of instructions for signing up

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