Fall 2014 (Aug. 26 - Nov. 15)

Manly Men, Girly Girls and Everybody in Between

Expressions of the sex/gender continuum in the arts. Featuring Bren Ahearn, Mariette Pathy Allen, Kelli Connel, Paul D'Amato, Sean Fader, Jennifer Greenburg, Bill Harrison, Hanna Pesut, Libby Rowe and Michelle Sank.

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Dressing Difference: Exploring Ethnicities in Modern Burma

Questioning concepts of ethnicity and gender through costume and body adornment. Co-curated by Sherry Harlacher, Director of the  Denison Museum in Ohio and Catherine Raymond, Director of the NIU Center for Burma Studies. In conjuction with this exhibition, a day-long smposim will be held on Friday, September 19 upstairs from the museum in room 315. A Schedule is here.

(Re)Defining Womanhood in American Popular Culture 

Selections from NIU’s Rare Books and Special Collections curated by Lynne M. Thomas.