Anthropology Club

Anthropology Club

The Anthropology Club is a student-run organization that is open to all NIU students who have an interest in Anthropology - both Graduates and Undergraduates. Each year we elect new students to serve as the club’s officers, and we have one faculty advisor. The goal of the club is to organize social and academic events. For example, we have pizza and movie nights, go out to dinner at local restaurants, and organize an annual Halloween Party or go camping. Academic events include visiting local museums and we go to Chicago to the Field Museum. We organize brown bag lunch seminars where our faculty or grad students show slides of recent research trips, or present data from their current research projects. But mainly we are an organization that promotes friendship and a love for the study of Anthropology. Please like us on our facebook group.

2015 -2016 Officers

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Emily McKee