Resources for Anthropologists

Resources for Anthropologists

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Cultural Anthropology

  • American Anthropological Association  -  AAA 'links' page lists many useful sites to research resources.
  • Cultural Survival - information about issues regarding indigenous people of the world.
  • NIU's Center for Southeast Asian Studies publication :  The Mandala
  • The Society for Applied Anthropology - (SfAA) - The Society for Applied Anthropology aspires to promote the integration of anthropological perspectives and methods in solving human problems throughout the world; to advocate for fair and just public policy based upon sound research; to promote public recognition of anthropology as a profession; and to support the continuing professionalization of the field.

Physical Anthropology

  • American Association of Physical Anthropologists
    The world's leading professional organization for physical anthropologists.
  • Primate Info Net (Pin)
    PIN links to over 3,000 pages of information and provides access to each of our Internet programs.
  • PrimateLit
    A bibliographic database of over 250,000 citations to primate-related scientific literature, dating 1940 to the present.  Indexing is provided by the Primate Information Center, Washington, PRC, Seattle.
  • AskPrimate
    An email-based reference service for questions related to nonhuman primates.
  • Primate Factsheet
    Comprehensive expert-reviewed factsheets about a large number of primate species with hundreds of images, audio files and other links.