Summer 2018 Dissertation Boot Camp Application


Please complete the following information and email it as a word document attachment to Please type dissertation boot camp in the subject line of the email. Submitting the application will put you on the list, but the required registration fee must be submitted by cash or check to the University Writing Center by the targeted due date for each boot camp (see due date connected to each option).


Selected option

 Option 1:       


2-day:              ________________ July 17-18

(application due by July 1/fee – $100 for NIU students due by July 17)

2-day:              ________________ Aug. 1-2

(application due by July 15/fee – $100 for NIU students due by Aug. 1)


Option 2:

Week-long:      ________________ June 25-29

(application due by June 15/fee – $250 for NIU students due by June 25)

Week-long:      ________________ July 23-27

(application due by July 12/fee – $250 for NIU students due by July 23)


Section I: Demographics

  1. Name:
  2. Email address:
  3. Department:


Section II: Dissertation Information: Complete the questions you can answer at this point


What is your dissertation topic?


Who are your committee members?


Where are you in the dissertation process?


Where would you like to be in the process by the end of the boot camp?


When do you anticipate completing the dissertation?


Is your dissertation quantitative, qualitative, or mixed methods?


How long is an average dissertation in your department?Number of chapters/pages


How much have you written so far?Number of chapters
Number of pages


What are your current challenges with the dissertation process?


How are you managing the organizational side of the process?


Section III:  Please attach a 200-400 word description of your research (or proposed research).