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NIU BlueEvaluations

NIU BlueEvaluations

Question Personalization

The QP setup period begins at approximately 45% of the course section’s duration. All Instructors will get an e-mail informing them that QP has opened, along with a direct link to their QP setup for each course section. Once logged in, instructors can add up to five scale-type questions and up to five open-ended questions. A preview option is available, as well as the ability to save work and return for more editing at a later time.

Please note that only when the Submit button is clicked will the custom questions be integrated into the survey for that course.

Form Fill-Out

The FO phase opens at approximately 75% of each course section’s duration. Like with the QP for Instructors, students will receive an initial e-mail letting them know when FO has opened (including an embedded link for fast access to their survey). Students can complete and submit their survey anytime during the FO phase, including saving a partially completed survey and returning to it at a later date. Clicking on the “Submit” button saves the survey into the system

(surveys that are saved but not submitted are not considered).

Students will receive e-mail reminders five (5) days, and again on two (2) days, before the close of FO. Instructors are strongly encouraged to frequently remind students to complete their evaluations, including reminding them of how to access the system (direct e-mail link, through Blackboard, or via the direct URL

Monitoring Response Rates

During the Form Fill out (FO) period Instructors can login to the NIU Blue system to monitor, in real time, the student response rates to each of their course sections. No information is provided about which students have (or have not) responded, just summary figures for each section. This information can assist Instructors when encouraging students to complete their evaluation surveys.

NIU Blue is mobile friendly (easily used from laptops, tablets and cell phones), and some instructors have had success with allowing students class time to complete the surveys using their portable electronics. Research on student surveys shows that, regardless of the method used, response rates are highest (and the received data most useful) when Instructors explain to students the importance of participating in such evaluations as well as how their feedback will be used to improve teaching and future classes.

Result Reporting

All FO activities close no later than ten (10) days before the end of each semester. This is the time during which Testing Services is making the final preparations for the next semester’s NIU Blue evaluations. Following the end of the semester the NIU Blue system generates reports. This process of report generation can take up to 12 to 14 days, depending on the number of course sections, type and complexity of the reports that have been requested. E-mail is automatically sent to all report recipients once a report becomes available for viewing and/or downloading.