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Bill McCoy

Bill McCoy

It takes one to know one: How to build ethical leaders

Bill McCoy is a believer. He knows the importance of ethics and spends each day ensuring that NIU is building a future generation of ethical leaders. It’s his passion as the director of the Building Ethical Leaders Using an Integrated Ethics Framework (BELIEF) Program in the NIU College of Business.

“We are not only giving students the tools to make it through college, we are giving them tools for life,” McCoy said. “These tools are also something they can use to teach others.”

McCoy understands what it’s like to be an NIU student, because he was one. As an undergraduate, he walked the same pathways and corridors as his students do now.

“There are professors I had when I was here, some who have made a significant impact on my personal life and academic life,” McCoy said.

He is paying it forward by making a difference in student lives today. By advancing BELIEF’s mission to build ethical leaders, he is helping students gain ethical decision-making skills that will serve them well today and throughout their lives.

“Ethical decision making is not something we only do after we graduate,” McCoy said. “Here is a decision-making framework to use to make better decisions; we are not only giving you the tools to make it through college, we are giving you tools for life, and it is also something you can teach other people.”

Hired in 2010, McCoy is NIU’s first full-time BELIEF program director. He has helped the program earn national ranking and international recognition since then.

McCoy holds a master’s degree from University of Wisconsin–Madison and a doctorate degree from Edgewood College. He is one of four members of the Supportive Professional Staff (SPS) to earn the university’s 2016 Presidential Awards for Excellence.