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STEM Read 

STEM Read features science fiction books with a basis in hard science, technology, engineering, or math. Youth read the book on their own or with their library groups and then meet with experts in related fields at NIU to discuss the science behind the fiction.

In 2012, STEM Read expanded into a virtual book club that uses online discussions, interviews with experts, interactive games, and creative writing projects to help students improve reading, comprehension, and science literacy skills.

In 2014, STEM Read expanded online offerings to service Pre-K to 12th grade students and educators and to include educator materials, lesson plans, interactive online activities.

STEM Read also provides opportunities for students to connect with authors and experts at live and webcast events.


STEM Topics We’ve Explored

  • Parasitology
  • Public Health
  • Epidemiology
  • History of Medicine
  • Biology
  • Neurology
  • Psychology
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Science Ethics
  • Blindness and Adaptive Technologies for the Blind
  • Cancer Research
  • Food Science
  • Geology
  • Green Energy
  • Alternative Fuels
  • Climatology
  • Computer Science
  • Marketing

NIU Destinations We’ve Visited

  • Observatory
  • Green House
  • Rare Books and Special Collections – Vintage Sci-Fi Collection
  • Psychology Lab
  • Prairie Vole Lab
  • Clinical Pathology Lab
  • Nursing Simulation Lab
  • Vision Lab

Authors We’ve Brought to Campus (Live and Skype)

  • Cory Doctorow- Little Brother
  • Colleen Doran- Graphic novelist for Orbiter
  • Mike Mullin- Ashfall
  • Ilsa J. Bick- Ashes
  • Jim Ottaviani- Feynman
  • Kat Falls- Inhuman, Rip Tide, Dark Life