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May 3, 2014

SmartSpace@NIU provided a professional development workshop at the 2014 LearnIT! Conference for current and future educators to learn to implement STEAM programming and address the Common Core State Standards (ELA) in their classrooms.  The Common Core project weaves the CCSS into SmartSpace@NIU lessons, which are publicly available and promoted to educators.  Many of the lessons also incorporate the Next Generation Science Standards.

April 16, 17, and 24, 2014

Recycling Rocks! SmartSpace@NIU led students at DeKalb Public LibrarySycamore Public Library, and Cortland Community Library in activities to learn about how sound is made, the importance of upcycling, and how to make musical instruments from found objects as part of the Bright Futures series exploring the science of music. 

April 9, 2014

STEM Read, powered by SmartSpace@NIU, presented Maze Runner@NIU for 200 high school students throughout northern Illinois. Students heard from experts and participated in activities connected to The Maze Runner by James Dashner in cryptography, psychology, kinesiology, and engineering design. 

April 4, 2014

SmartSpace@NIU and STEM Read led students at Sycamore High School in collaborative writing activities inspired by The Maze Runner by James Dashner.

April 1-3, 2014

SmartSpace@NIU led students in exploring music apps as part two of this spring's Bright Futures programming. Events were held at DeKalb Public LibrarySycamore Public Library, and Cortland Community Library.

March and April 2014

Throughout March and April, SmartSpace@NIU and STEM Read visited schools through Sycamore School District to provide programs for students, in partnership with DeKalb Family Services and the Big Brother, Big Sister program.

March 26, 2014

In collaboration with NIU's School of Music, SmartSpace@NIU assisted students at DeKalb Public Library, Sycamore Public Library, and Cortland Community Library to learn about the science of music as part of the Bright Futures kickoff event. Students at all three libraries simultaneously participated in activities led by a music educator based at NIU using Internet 2 technology. 

March 7, 2014

At Sycamore High School, SmartSpace@NIU worked with students in the Sci-Fi club to create griever creatures, inspired by The Maze Runner by James Dashner, and discussed STEM Read programming while using STEAMSpace. 

March 6, 2014

SmartSpace@NIU provided ACT preparation for Auburn High School in Rockford via the eTutoring project. 

February 25, 2014

As part of a P-20 team, SmartSpace@NIU participated in the building of the P-20 Center Rube Goldberg Machine, which was showcased at the DuPage Children's Museum.  Children asked design and construction questions and were able to test the machine.

February 19, 2014

SmartSpace@NIU worked with the NIU Mentoring and Induction Team to host a webinar on Understanding the Performance Evaluation Review Act (PERA) and the Danielson Framework presented by Melanie Bickley.

February 7, 2014

SmartSpace@NIU and STEM Read collaborated with the Dupage Children's Museum to host I ♥ Engineering featuring author Andrea Beaty and her book Rosie Revere, Engineer. Participants heard readings by the author, went on a museum-wide scavenger hunt, and invented snake-repelling helmets inspired by Rosie Revere. Children are also able to play the interactive game online to learn more about engineering and to build another one of Rosie’s inventions.

January 29, 2014

SmartSpace@NIU worked with the NIU Mentoring and Induction Team to host a webinar on edTPA 101 presented by Judy Boisen.

January 24, 2014

SmartSpace@NIU presented Just Plane Awesome at the Dupage Children's Museum. Participants learned about aerospace engineering and taking flight. We had paper plane making contests and experiments.

January 2014

eTutoring kicks off for the spring semester!

December 2013

SmartSpace@NIU and STEM Read partnered with the Dupage Children's Museum to develop programming for the community.

November 2013

SmartSpace@NIU collaborated with the Green Lens Film Festival in an upcycling craft party.

November 6, 2013

The STEM Read Program hosted Ender's Day at NIU. Visit the STEM Read site for more details.

October 2013

SmartSpace@NIU and STEM Read created sci-fi costumes and masks with Sycamore High School Sci-Fi Club members.

October 19, 2013

SmartSpace@NIU hosts the green screen booth at STEMfest 2013 where people of all ages dressed up as researchers, scientists, and healthcare professionals and role-played as if they were in various NIU labs. SmartSpace@NIU also collaborates with STEM Read, author Kat Falls, and Steven Roman from the DeKalb Public Library to artistically transform youth into manimals, an activity based on the science behind Kat Falls' book discussing transgenic diseases.

July 31, 2013

The Teen Read online sci-fi program is hosted a professional development event on censorship. Keynote speaker Mike Mullin, author of Ashfall, provided an interactive presentation that addressed the issue of censorship. SmartSpace@NIU provided a censorship session to educators.

July 30, 2013

The STEM Read online sci-fi program hosted a meet the author event with Mike Mullin, author of Ashfall. Summer campers, educators, and other community members watched Mike Mullin’s presentation and participated in a discussion with the author.

July 2013

SmartSpace@NIU worked with Rockford Public Schools to find ways to improve students' ACT scores.