Victim/Survivor's Rights

The victim/survior has the right to:

  • Be informed of all reporting options
  • Be free from pressure to make a criminal report
  • Have any allegations of sexual misconduct, including sexual assault, harassment, domestic violence, dating violence and stalking, investigated and adjudicated by the appropriate campus, criminal and/or civil authorities
  • Be notified of existing campus and community medical services, victim advocacy, legal assistance, visa and immigration support, student financial aid assistance, order of protection support, counseling and mental health services, whether or not the incident is reported to campus, criminal and/or civil authorities
  • Receive, when required, the full prompt cooperation of campus personnel when obtaining, securing and preserving evidence
  • Be informed of options for, available assistance in, and how to request changes to academic, living, dining, transportation and working situations as well as interim protective measures offered by NIU