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Understanding Consent

Consent is a clear, informed, and voluntary agreement between all participants to knowingly engage in any sexual activity. Consent is active and is ongoing throughout the sexual encounter between all participants.

Silence or lack of resistance before or during a sexual encounter does not equal consent. If a person is unable to respond to wanting to participate in sexual activity, consent cannot be given. Consent can only be given voluntarily and freely.

An individual may decide before that they want to participate in sexual activity, and decide during that they no want to do so. Consent can be withdrawn at any time. Consent should be obtained every time and for every action.

The definition of consent does not vary based upon a participant’s sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression.


Consent is...

Asking every time

Respecting your partners wishes

Freely and enthusiastically given





Consent is not...

Silence or lack of response

Given if it results from the use of force, including threats, intimidation or coercion

Based on the manner of dress

Implied or assumed

Granted by giving or acceptance of gifts, money or other items

Determinate by previous or current sexual relationship status.