The Northern Pact for Students

As a member of the NIU community I commit to being:

in my education.

I will:

  • work with my advisor
  • embrace that my education is my responsibility
  • participate in and out of the classroom and expand my understanding
  • know there is much to be learned and even more to be experienced
  • be my own advocate in my education and in life
  • soak up all the knowledge I can 

in my actions and relationships.

I will:

  • broaden my perceptions by celebrating those different from me
  • be truthful
  • support and protect my classmates
  • know that everyone has a different and important perspective
  • challenge my preconceived notions

in my interactions with others.

I will:

  • respect our campus and help keep it clean
  • look for the best in others
  • ask a student sitting by themselves in the dining hall to join me
  • say something when I see something
  • be thoughtful with my words and actions
  • work through disagreements in a mature way

to new opportunities, ideas, and diverse perspectives.

I will:

  • open myself to possibilities
  • push beyond my comfort level
  • open my mind to different viewpoints
  • respect differences in others
  • learn about other cultures
  • admit that I do not know everything
  • know that what I have to share is important
  • be a friend and ally to everyone on campus

in my education and my attitude

I will:

  • devote myself to my education
  • do my best in everything I attempt
  • know what is expected of me
  • not be discouraged by grades that are lower than I expect
  • lead when I can and follow when I should
  • learn from my mistakes
  • do my part and keep my word

about my university, my classmates, and my life.

I will:

  • create memories that will last a lifetime
  • celebrate my accomplishments
  • cheer on my Huskies
  • honor old traditions and create new ones
  • show Huskie Pride in all I do

I am:

  • hard-working
  • unique and valued
  • serious and focused
  • not afraid to ask for help, and happy to give it
  • an ambassador for my school and my fellow Huskies
  • excited to learn and do
  • here to grow
  • part of a legacy
  • a FORCE

I am a Huskie and I take pride in my pack.

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