The Northern Pact for Parents

As a member of the NIU community I commit to being:

in participating in my student’s education.

I will:

  • attend family orientation so I know how to best help my student
  • embrace that my student’s education is their responsibility and journey
  • encourage my student to get involved in clubs and groups
  • guide my student in being their own advocate in their education and in life
  • check in with my student throughout the semester, enough for them to feel supported as well as independent
  • read the Family Connection newsletter and stay up-to-date on what’s happening on campus

in my actions and relationships.

I will:

  • help my student broaden their perspective by celebrating those different from me
  • emphasize the impact of being truthful
  • support and protect my student and insist they do the same for their classmates
  • know that everyone has a different and important perspective
  • encourage my student to challenge their preconceived notions
  • expect fairness for and from my student

in helping my student navigate their journey.

I will:

  • look for the best in others
  • encourage my student to make new friends
  • talk to my student about saying something when they see something
  • be thoughtful with my words and actions and encourage my student to do the same
  • counsel my student to work through disagreements in a mature way
  • try to remember what being 18, 19, 20, 21 felt like and know that mistakes are opportunities for growth
  • be the cheerleader, coach and teammate my student needs

to new opportunities, ideas, and diverse perspectives.

I will:

  • open myself to possibilities as my student experiences them as well
  • encourage my student to push beyond their comfort level, knowing that is where true growth comes from
  • talk to my student about respecting differences in others
  • encourage my student to learn about other cultures
  • know that what I have to share is important to my student’s future

in supporting my student.

I will:

  • insist that my student devote themselves to their education
  • ask my student to do their best in everything they attempt
  • encourage my student to know what is expected of them
  • know that there will be grades that are lower than I expect and be willing to have a conversation about why
  • lead by example in doing my part and keeping my word
  • encourage my student, no matter how hard, or how much I miss them, to stay at school on weekends, knowing that is a big indicator for their success

about my student’s journey.

I will:

  • share in the memories my student creates at NIU
  • visit campus, take my student to dinner and listen to stories about their exciting new life
  • answer my phone and cheer when my student calls to tell me about a recent achievement
  • participate in Family Weekend, Homecoming and other opportunities to experience my student’s world with them
  • show pride in my Huskie in all I do   

I am

  • excited for my student
  • serious and focused on their success
  • my student’s best, and most important support
  • nervous
  • ready to grow with my student
  • proud of my Huskie 

I am a Huskie Parent and I take pride in my pack.

Commit to the Pact

  • Parents can sign the pledge during Family Weekend (September 8-10, 2017)
  • Wear your Northern Pact t-shirt on Red and Black Fridays

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