National College Health Assessment Data Dashboards

The American College Health Association (ACHA) National College Health Assessment (NCHA) survey provides NIU with important information about students’ health and wellness behaviors.

Wellness Promotion at NIU has been conducting alcohol surveys since the late 1980’s and eventually broadened the survey to include other health areas. In collaboration with the ACHA, Wellness Promotion--through the former director, Michael Haines--initiated an effort to begin developing a national data collection tool. The initial NCHA incorporated many Wellness Promotion Health Behavior Assessment Survey questions in the development of the national survey. The work of former Wellness Promotion staff, along with many other college health professionals from across the country, was instrumental in bringing the project through to completion and making sure that the questions and the methodology met the needs of the college health promotion community. This survey has been conducted at NIU approximately every two years since 2000

The purpose of this survey is to obtain current information about students’ health status, preferences for health information delivery methods, perceptions about health topics, personal health behaviors related to: fitness, nutrition, sexual health, alcohol or other drug use, mental health concerns, health protective and disease preventive behaviors, etc., and risk behaviors associated with health problems. The ACHA-NCHA survey is designed to assess student health behaviors to inform our services and support for NIU students.

Feel free to explore any of the topic areas below to view the information related to the data we’ve collected at NIU over the last several years, built from the NCHA survey. Note that NCHA reference group data are also cited throughout so that comparison to national data is possible. (All files are PDFs)

NIU Student Health and Wellness Data

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