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Roomba Create- Remotely Controlled

The Roomba Create is a complete robot development system, developed by iRobot. The system allows one to program new robot behaviors without thinking much about mechanical assembly and low-level code. This is fitted with a number of sensors and data are available in a serial format for Bluetooth communication. When paired with a computer the serial lines are virtually connected to the computer as a normal serial port and data are available to the computer. For this project these data passed to a LabVIEW program and used for controller designs. The control commands are then pass back to the Roomba create via Bluetooth communication. A graphical user interface (GUI) has also been developed so that the GUI can be published as a web page for controlling the Roomba over the Internet. In addition to the control design, a wireless video camera is mounted on the system to view the Roomba’s travel path.                                                           

Modified Roomba Create                                            An image of the Graphical User Interface

         Modified Roomba Create                                                An image of the Graphical User Interface


  Watch Roomba Video