Employee Spotlight

"Congratulations to our outstanding employees this month! Thank you for your dedication, commitment and hard work at Campus Recreation! We appreciate your leadership." by Sandi Carlisle, Director, Campus Recreation

April 2017

Preston Jefferson
Competitive Sports

  • A veteran official who still puts in 110 percent effort every time he’s on shift
  • A natural leader and is looked up to by all the officials and supervisors
  • Always reliable and willing to help his fellow staff members out

D'Nai Ashford
Facility Operations

  • Always helpful with tasks that pro staff needed to be done
  • Makes sure the needed paperwork gets turned in each shift
  • Signs up for most special events and her staff loves and respects her

Lauren Meyers
Membership Services

  • Though it’s her first semester, Lauren has never received any register errors or points
  • Extremely polite and courteous to patrons, always going the extra mile to help
  • Sense of responsibility and attention to detail is a great asset to staff

Patrick Hubert

  • Communicates available hours and maintains them as much as possible
  • A leader and remains reliable and pro-active as an employee in marketing
  • Finds tasks to keep busy and contribute, after original assignments are complete

March 2017

Miles Huffman
Competitive Sports

  • Consistently worked at least 3-4 shifts each week and constantly helps fellow supervisors.
  • Stepped up when we lost a couple of supervisors due to school commitments.
  • Was a great asset during basketball season and assisted a great deal

Nya Taylor
Facility Operations

  • Taken almost every special event that is posted
  • Has not accrued any point violations the entire semester
  • Takes the initiative to seek out things that can be done

Kelly Scanlon 
Fitness Assistant

  • Very active within Campus Recreation not only through her position as a fitness assistant but also as an Intramural Sports participant!
  • Always willing to pick up shifts and take on additional duties whenever asked.

Cara Cazier
Group Fitness

  •  Took initiative to plan an in-house Fit Fest for our Fitness and Wellness staff. This was a great opportunity for fitness staff to learn from each other while getting a good workout!

Previous Spotlights

February 2017

Narmin El-Tillawi

  • has picked up additional duties by becoming aquatics student manager
  • has taken over payroll, organizing swim lessons and events
  • improved risk management initiatives within the pools by creating a "cheat sheet"

Ryan Morris
Competitive Sports

  • has stepped up and really taken floor hockey training for the season
  • he is very knowledgeable of rule interpretations and positing for the training
  • he's patient with the staff and participants and willing to put in the work  

Marilyn Kikama
Facility Operations

  • has worked multiple special events and stayed late to cover those events
  • she is always seen in the facility encouraging and assisting her staff
  • she is always in constant communication regarding happenings in the facility

Mason Chockley
Fitness Assistant

  • he is always out an about cleaning equipment and enforcing policies
  • Mason goes above and beyond by picking up shifts and taking initiative
  • he always receives positive feedback on reports

Samantha Garcia

  • she makes quick, effective designs that result in increase session for interns
  • her graphics suites are eye-catching, fresh and gain compliments from the Division of Marketing and Communications
  • her design create extended reach on social media and her files work technically

Briana Roman
Membership Services

  • she routinely comes in a few minutes early to help new workers close
  • she has been a super star in subbing and is currently leading the membership team
  • she's a great mentor to new workers on staff

Jessica Wind
Outdoor Adventures

  • constantly dedicated employee who balances multiple positions
  • had done a great job training new desk attendants and mentoring new staff
  • always focused at work, completes tasks and helps out with team building events

Danielle Paul
Personal Trainer

  • provided a sample workout during the personal training meeting to share ideas
  • is awesome at coming up with new ideas and innovate ways to train clients

January 2017

Jaelin Mankins
Facility Operations

  • was the individual star leader for our team challenge
  • has taken shifts from co-workers permanently
  • stayed longer to cover a co-worker who had an emergency

Amber Harris
Fitness Assistants

  • has helped tremendously by subbing the most shifts in January
  • she has also been taking on permanent shifts

Destiny McDonald
Group Fitness and Personal Training

  • began kick boxing this semester which was the highest attended classes
  • dedicated to her participants and her class
  • she puts in the time to master her routines by keeping the workouts fresh

November 2016

Mackenzie Thompson

  • our lifeguards go straight to Mackenzie for help
  • she is always there for us both by helping others and answering questions
  • mackenzie is rock solid in her knowledge about lifeguarding

Kushtrin Berisha
Competitive Sports

  • he's been really strong during training and working with newer soccer officials
  • he has been really level headed in some stressful, heated situations
  • we know any situation that he comes across he will handle with maturity

Anthony Walker
Facility Operations

  • he was promoted to facility supervisor within one year due to his high work performance
  • he keeps the mood on the courts light and is great to have when closing
  • great job at handling equipment responsibilities and customer service

Saul Peralta
Fitness and Wellness

  • is great at interacting and being welcoming with patrons at tabling events
  • he stepped up and took on a lot of fitness assistant shifts and took initiative on projects
  • he has taken on a lot of duties as our intern this semester

Samantha Garcia

  • reliable and always willing to step-up to help the marketing team
  • consistent and trustworthy in her aesthetic approach to standards
  • truly follows my professional mantra: Well done is better than well said

Daniel Bravo
Membership Services

  • she has been very intentional about improving at the register position
  • she has made significant strides to help others on staff
  • she has shown commitment and dedication to filling in all of her knowledge gaps

Justin Wiewiora
Outdoor Adventures

  • has taken on a lot of responsibility during a co-workers absence
  • he has been a calming agent amongst staff when there has been uncertainty
  • has worked collaboratively to create a seamless environment across programs

October 2016

Moore Bara
Competitive Sports

  • has shown great officiating and responsibility when it comes to work
  • he is reliable and always willing to go the extra mile
  • he sets up early, taking initiative without being told

Kendra Wilkinson
Facility Operations

  • has worked most if not every single special event in October
  • she has been able to deal with incidents and injuries with a calm demeanor
  • nominated by a fellow co-worker by her willingness to go above and beyond

Israel Olopo
Fitness Assistants

  • always subbing shifts for coworkers
  • he is usually one of he first to respond to emails
  • volunteers to help out whenever asked

Aspen Wheeler
Group Fitness and Personal Training

  • is a new instructor this semesters and jumped right in as a team player
  • her yoga classes have very consistent participation numbers
  • she is the first to sign-up to work special events

September 2016

Caitlyn Klein

  • steps up to help the team and is willing to learn and improve her skills
  • she has tutored another aquatics staff member in their academic studies
  • always the first to volunteer for a special event, and constantly subs for shifts

Nick Petrusevski
Competitive Sports

  • he is a new supervisor this year and already stepping into leadership roles
  • he assists with officiating, and has great communication with staff
  • he is leading by example

Josh Leake
Facility Operations

  • took initiative in cleaning and organizing the ORSC
  • has worked at special events the most
  • has been one of our most consistent substitutes for shifts

Aaron Essex
Fitness Assistant

  • after working as an FA during the summer he quickly took on a leadership role
  • took initiative of setting up group text message for all the Fitness Assistants
  • always stays on top of his task throughout his entire shift

Mary Kate Welch
Group Fitness and Personal Training

  • subbed for many group fitness classes and continues to be a sub machine
  • has taken on additional positions as a Fitness Assistant and a Personal Trainer
  • she gives 110 percent in all her positions

Patrick Hubert

  • upholds university design standards without sacrificing design integrity
  • first to volunteer when any additional duties or needs come up
  • showed grace and dedication when producing the Program Guide

Jason Kaye
Membership Services

  • he is a quick learner with excellent customer service skills
  • actively helps market programs and services to patrons
  • willingly helped out with additional projects for professional and grad staff

Tyler Pelligrini
Outdoor Adventures

  • has taken on a lot of responsibility during a co-workers absence
  • he has been a calming agent amongst staff when there has been uncertainty
  • has worked collaboratively to create a seamless environment across programs