Electronic Device Registration


Did you know that registering your electronic devices with NIU’s Department of Police and Public Safety is open to all community members? It’s easy! Just fill out this form and the completed document will be saved in our Records Unit.

There are many reasons to register your device. Often insurance companies require the information if you make any kind of claim, such as if your phone, tablet, laptop or computer were damaged in your residence. Registering your device makes it simple to provide documentation to your insurance company, and our department is considered a trusted source.

Most importantly, the NIU Department of Police and Public Safety would be able to identify your property if it is recovered after being lost or stolen. Devices are often turned in to the lost and found.

In the event that your device is stolen, the NIU Police need the serial numbers to identify it as yours. In addition to the serial number, we capture the MAC address which provides an avenue to digitally track the location and use of the device.

Take a few minutes to protect your valued electronics! Safeguard your devices today by simply completing this registration form.